Financial Audit Services

Assurance Services

We offer our clients Audit Services which includes Financial Statement Audits, IT Audits, Performance Audits. We also offer Attestation Services like System and Organization Controls (SOC) Examination, SOC for Service Organization, Soc for Cyber Security, Compliance Attestation and Agreed Upon Procedures.

Advisory Services

We offer Audit Support Services which includes Audit Readiness, Audit Remediation, Audit Liaison and OIG Support Services. We also offer Performance Management Services which includes Process Automation and Data analytics.

Audit Services

  • IT Audit & Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Audit Readiness & Remediation
  • 0MB Circular A-123 Compliance

Financial and Accounting   Services

Our team of experts can help prepare your organization for Financial Statement Preparation and Accounting Operations. We also provide the following financial audit services:

  • Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act Audits
  • Accountability of Tax Dollars Act (ATDA) Audits
  • Performance and Compliance Audits
  • Grant Audits
  • ITGC Audits
  • Examinations
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures